San Joaquin Valley: the worst air quality in the US

SEEN and our team has been collaborating since years ago with some of the most vulnerable communities that experience the worst air quality in the United States. The southern region of the San Joaquin Valley, spanning the counties of Kern (Bakersfield), Tulare (Visalia), Fresno, Madera, Kings (Hanford), occupy the top three positions for the worst air quality (by year round particulate matter) in the United States. 



Too often we hear stories in rural communities of nose-bleeding after pesticide spray in nearby industrial agribusinesses, and of children systematically suffering from asthma. Agricultural regions that also have oil wells, like Kern County, have even worse air quality.

Air quality monitoring network

SEEN and our partners are building a network of low-cost air quality monitors with a focus on the San Joaquin Valley of California. 

We use air quality monitors from AirGradient, a pioneer in open source air quality monitoring with open access data. Many researchers, including from UC Merced, Columbia University, the University of Cambridge (UK), and many others are contributing to the success of AirGradient by sharing their knowledge and latest research, and contributing to the improvement of AirGradient products. More information on the progress and results of this research collaboration can be found on the AirGradient Research page.



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