We began in 2016 as a group of graduate students trying to bring our research closer and relevant to our community in Merced, California.
Today, we are a Network of community leaders, grassroots scientists, and educators dedicated to help rural disadvantaged communities become resilient against climate change and environmental injustice by empowering community stakeholders through bilingual information and education, and financially supporting their efforts.

We identify local community leaders who are already fighting to create new and better opportunities in their marginalized communities for underserved residents, we help them succeed with training, education, and funding acquisition and, when they become independent from our help, they join our network to start helping other community leaders as they were helped; they also provide essential information to write reports and scientific publications led by our scientific team. 

In parallel, we work with children, teachers, and schools to provide more cutting-edge, customized educational opportunities and to motivate children from underrepresented minorities to pursue higher education. 

Ideally, those K-12 students will attend college and, when they graduate, they will have the option to go back to their communities thanks to the new opportunities created by the community leaders now. 

Those K-12 students will then become new community leaders, creating a positive feedback of local development, socioeconomic, climate, and environmental justice for frontline communities. 

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