Mars has a lot of potential for human occupation. However, we don’t really know if we can live there (or if there is life there) unless we explore and experiment with living on Mars! In this scenario we will build a compact station, power that station, make sure we have the necessary nutrients and see if we can decipher a code someone… or something else… left behind.

In this course celebrated at UC Merced with our partners from the

Center of Educational Partnerships

, we went go through essential tasks one has to go through when trying to survive in or build up a new camps in a new planet.
  • Build A Station: using geometry, students measured the right areas, angles, and distances to make a camp to survive in Mars
  • Energy generation: our students created turbines with small electric motors that generated electricity when exposed to the wind.
  • Caesar Shift Cipher: to be able to decipher alien messages, our students learn the fundamentals of cryptography.